Dajee is one of the most important lift companies in the global market, providing any type of residential or commercial passenger and freight lifts, escalators, moving walks, accessibility and marine solutions, parking systems and lift components. Dajee stands for innovation in design and technology for flexibility and breakthrough thinking for quality products and dedicated service and support. Integrated manufacturing facilities, highly trained workforce, state of the art IT systems and logistics support enable Dajee to deliver reliable, highly personalized solutions, whatever the challenge. Installation and maintenance companies handle the distribution of our products all over the global market. Fine tuned collaboration between our management teams, employees and other involved parties allows us to build and maintain strong, long term relationships with our customers and provide reliable services across the globe. Our strategic approach and investments have enabled the specialized manufacture and export of products into multiple markets, developing our network, international presence and product range. Dajee is proud of its strong global brand name, consistent with our commitment for quality standards, progressive technical an market knowledge and innovative research schemes.



We believe SAFETY must be at the forefront of all our decision-making.


We believe TEAMWORK empowers our individual strengths.


We believe RESPECT to each other will guide us in all our decisions.


We believe HONESTY is an integral part of our working relationship.


We believe INTEGRITY is at the heart of our individual and corporate actions.

Create Value For the Customer

As a service company. l the needs and expectations of our customers  and Users by creating exceptional value. We have be recognized by our customer and user as NO. 1 in perceived quality.

Commitment to People Development

Only the right people and create exceptional Therefore, we develop our management skills a. create high levels of motivation so they are knowledgeable and well trained.

Continuous Improvement of Service

We are committed to the continuous improvement of our services and business methods. We optimize the process and internal structures that lead to value generation. These practices are designed to reduce complexity are applied in a consistent, disciplined manner and are continually improved overtime.

Visible Leadership

At Dajee our leaders use respect, clarity, openness, drive, teamwork, accountability, innovation and a commitment to employees and customers to achieve competitive advantage. Our objective is to develop the skills necessary to be leaders who can shape the course of company directions.


Our services include many safety features to provide riders of mind while using them. We are also active in providing information to passengers, and work together with those who mace operate elevators and escalators to maintain and improve safe usage and operation.


  • To be a total service company, we most values that make our costumer see us as delivering service and not only hardware
  • We must all be passionate service provider to our customers.
  • Every business process must be designed to contribute to serving our customers.